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Help with Dental Allergies

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I have been diagnosed with Type IV dental allergies. Additionally, I have tested positive for allergies to dental cement, nickel, formaldehyde, cobalt, chromium, titanium, and many chemicals. I had a root canal treatment done but the dentist left a file in it that broke off. I’m in a lot of pain but also have severe hives and eczema due to a reaction to all my allergies. Out of desperation, I went to see a dentist the tooth and he told me there is an infection underneath. He’d like me to pull the tooth and then get a dental implant. I explained my allergy to titanium and he responded by telling me no one is allergic to titanium. Ummm…Yes, I am. Do you know of a dentist who knows how to work with my specific allergies? I am in agony.


Dear Kelsey,

woman holding her jaw in pain

You are in a difficult situation, but I feel confident I can help you get the care you need. I want to make a small shift in how you’re approaching this. There are not really dentists who are trained in specific metal allergies. Instead, I want you to look for a dentist who is willing to work around your allergies. Your best chance with that is to find a holistic dentist.

Holistic dentists care about more than just your teeth. They care about your whole health body and teeth. As for the dentist who said no one has an allergy to titanium, that is a very bold claim. The human body is very complicated and everyone’s is a bit different. I think it is arrogance of the highest order for him to say that is not possible.

The good news if you do end up needing the tooth extracted, you can still get a dental implant. There are now zirconia dental implants, which are metal free. You won’t have to deal with the titanium at all.

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