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Posts for Month: January 2023

Will An Emergency Dentist Finish a Root Canal Treatment?

I had a root canal treatment started a few months ago, but got transferred right after that. In the chaos that ensued with a move and getting four kids set up in their schools, I just sort of forgot about it because it wasn’t bothering me. I regret that now. It has since blown up […]


Is a Partial More Affordable than a Bridge?

I’m missing a molar on both sides of my lower jaw, and I know I can’t afford implants. So I’m deciding between bridges on each side, or a partial denture to fill those spaces. I’ve lost my dental insurance, so it’s out-of-pocket, so I really need guidance on the best option for me and my […]


How Soon Can a 15 year old Have a Dental Implant Placed?

My 15 year old son has a tooth that has been gradually getting gray. We’ve always joked that it is his zombie tooth because it looks so gray and dead. However, someone told me that the tooth might actually be dead. In that case, wouldn’t it be hurting? Should we remove it? If so, how […]


Dental Sedation and Type-2 Diabetes

I will be graduating college this spring and will finally have the time to get my wisdom teeth out. The one thing I am worried about is I am a Type-2 Diabetic. I do have to eat or things go wacky for me. I planned on having dental sedation for the procedure to make things […]