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Posts for Month: December 2022

Is the Pediatric Dentist Prescribing Unnecessary Treatment?

My five year old son struggled with the family dentist we originally went to. He’d never stay still for his exams or x-rays. Somehow, the newer dentist was able to get him to sit and take the x-rays. I thought this new dentist was magic. They found a cavity, which didn’t surprise me too much […]


Brushing Before or After Tea to Keep Teeth White?

I am about to have some teeth whitening done because of all the tea stains on my teeth. I don’t want to give up tea after that, but do want to maintain the whiteness as much as possible. What I need to know is if it is better to brush my teeth before of after […]


Should I Have Been Allowed to Drive after My Dental Sedation?

I have a co-worker who is telling me she needs a ride to and from the dentist because she is having a procedure using dental sedation. She is new in town and doesn’t know anyone yet or have family. But, she is quite a needy personailty. I’ve had dental sedation before but I was just […]


Is Chest Pain Normal with a Toothache?

I recently started taking care of my mother who has reached the point that she can’t care for herself. We’ve moved her in with us and she is a bit under the weather today. When I asked her what was wrong she said her tooth and chest hurt. I started to panic and call 911 […]