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Crown-in-a-day CEREC technology
CEREC crown-in-a-day technology

A dental crown can repair damaged teeth by placing a ceramic cover on top of the healthy tooth interior. Dr. Theriot provides a popular crown-in-a-day service that uses advanced technology to make this process more convenient and satisfying.

Traditional Restoration

Typically getting a dental crown is a multi-step ordeal requiring two visits to the dentist:

First visit – Tooth preparation and placement of a temporary crown.

Next, the dentist sends an impression of the prepared tooth to a dental laboratory to create the permanent crown.

Second visit – Removal of temporary and placement of a permanent crown.

Crown In a Day Restoration

Alternatively, Dr. Theriot offers the Crown In A Day, which uses CEREC equipment to make the permanent crown during your first (and only) visit through CAD/CAM technology. A sophisticated computer designs and manufactures your perfectly customized crown while you wait. No dental lab or temporary crown!

Here are a few of the advantages of our Crown In A Day service over traditional treatments:

  • One visit saves you time and spares you from the inconvenience.
  • No dental lab means we can avoid errors and extra fees.
  • Avoiding an uncomfortable temporary crown means you can get back to normal much faster.
  • Advanced technology ensures that your crown looks great the first time.

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