Theriot Family Dental

Anxious Patients

Dental anxieties or phobias are extremely common. Dr. John Theriot and his caring associates do all they can to make your visit as comfortable and quick as possible. We understand that some patients have not had pleasant dental experiences in their childhood or in the recent past and will gladly cater to those who are intimidated. If you have delayed going to a dentist, your dental problems have only increased. Visit our office to see first-hand the care and patience we have with every individual we treat.

Fewer than 10% of dentists nationwide have attained the level of DOCS (Dental Organization of Conscious Sedation) accreditation that Dr. John Theriot has. The majority of our doctors have the education and experience necessary to carry out this appeasing treatment and will continuously monitor your vital signs and accommodate your specific needs. This kind of specialized training is uncommon in Lafayette, Louisiana, and our team at Theriot Family Dental Care guarantees that your dental visit will be positive and reassuring.

Fearful patients can be relaxed throughout their time with us with sedation dentistry. You will take a pill before your dental procedure that will make you feel relaxed and put you in a dream-like state. Some patients do not even remember their appointment. You will be sleepy, but you will still possess your muscle control and protective reflexes. You will need to arrange transportation after your visit since you’ll feel sleepy and possibly loopy. Call us today to learn more about our sedation service and to request an appointment with our compassionate, attentive doctors.