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Lafayette Cater-to-Cowards Dentist

Man in short-sleeve blue short sitting and smiling, perhaps after visiting a Baton Rouge cater-to-cowards dentistIf you think you’re a coward about going to the dentist, you’re not alone. At Theriot Family Dental Care of Lafayette, we have many patients with dental anxiety, and we welcome you. We cater to cowards with painless, gentle treatment, and we offer sedation if you need it. Many of our formerly anxious patients now enjoy their visits with us. Check our patient reviews and see some of their stories.

“When I first came, I had dental anxiety and it had been years since I’d been to the dentist. But here, my comfort is always first priority and my anxiety is put at ease as soon as I come in. For the first time in my life I actually enjoy going to the dentist. I can’t thank Dr. Daigle enough.” – Tryte Edwards

How We Cater to Cowards

Our office environment

  • Our office is comfortably furnished in a relaxing atmosphere.
  • Our staff members are attentive to anxious patients.
  • We minimize anxiety by promptly taking you to a treatment room for care.

Our treatment rooms

While you’re sitting in a massaging dental chair, we’ll offer you a blanket or neck pillow to increase your comfort. We welcome you to bring headphones and listen to music or watch the overhead TV in the treatment room.

Gentle, Painless Care

Our examinations and procedures are gentle and unhurried—but not too long.

We provide gentle treatment in several ways:

  • We deliver comfortable, painless care by thoroughly numbing the area around the teeth we’re treating.
  • We use intraoral cameras to scan your teeth and take pictures of them quickly.
  • Our soft tissue lasers provide quick, gentle, and precise treatment.
  • We’re alert to what triggers your anxiety, and we work to avoid it. We pay attention to your facial expressions and gestures for signs of discomfort.
  • If you’re uncomfortable, we won’t ask you to be patient until we finish. We’ll stop and correct the issue before continuing with treatment.

Sedation to Relieve Anxiety

If you’re particularly anxious, we offer oral conscious sedation. We’ll give you anti-anxiety medication to take about an hour before your appointment so you can arrive relaxed. During your appointment it will be almost as if you are asleep and you probably won’t even remember your appointment. It won’t be safe for you to drive afterward, so arrange transportation to and from our office. Read our sedation dentistry page for more information.

Our goal is to create positive dental experiences that help you enjoy your visits with us and maintain good oral health. Call us to schedule an appointment or complete our Request an Appointment form.