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Lafayette Gentle Dentistry

African American man outdoors, smiling, and wearing a straw hat, perhaps after seeing a dentle dentistWe understand that visiting the dentist isn’t your favorite thing to do. You may associate dentistry more with pain than care. We strongly feel that it doesn’t have to be that way, so we cater to anxious patients through special techniques and a gentle touch.

Gentle Dentistry Techniques

Many people feel that the worst part of dental treatment is “the shot.” Fortunately, modern technology has helped reduce injection anxiety. Topical anesthetics numb the area before the injection. And, Dr. Theriot is especially noted for his gentle injection techniques.

Nitrous oxide, sometimes called laughing gas, is another gentle dentistry technique. It is a mild relaxant that you breathe through your nose during treatment. Nitrous oxide helps our patients let go of any tension or anxiety. At the end of the visit, it is flushed out of your system by breathing in oxygen for a few minutes, making it safe for you to drive home.

In combination with these gentle dentistry techniques, many people find that distractions can help alleviate anxiety. Each of our patient rooms has a flat-screen television and massaging chairs. Instead of counting ceiling tiles or thinking about your treatment, you may notice how quickly time passes while you are distracted. One exception might be if your favorite program is a heart-racing drama!

If you are extremely anxious, we recommend sedation dentistry, which involves taking a prescribed dose of sedative pills before your treatment. Oral sedation is so relaxing that you may forget what happened during your appointment. Dr. Theriot has a Louisiana state permit and additional training in oral conscious sedation.

If you are interested in learning more about our comprehensive approach to gentle dentistry, call us or request an appointment online for a pain-free introduction to our staff and facility!


“Theriot Family Dental has some of the friendliest staff ever. I hate getting dental work done, but they make it a breeze. – Robin G”