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Lafayette Affordable Dentist

At Theriot Family Dental Care, we know that your budget can affect the care you receive.

Affordable Dentist Visits

Excellent dentists know that there are often many different possible solutions to dental problems. For example, while we provide some of the highest quality dental implant treatments available, sometimes a bridge or partial denture can adequately address your problem while staying within a given budget.

What If I Don’t Have Insurance?

We have a dental plan for you if you otherwise don’t have any insurance. For a regular subscription fee you can get free checkups and discounted restorative services. Click here to learn more.

What If I’m on a Tight Budget?

Many people maintain a healthy smile and regular dentist visits without great expense. The key is prevention, especially if spending a few hundred dollars a year can save you from needing significant treatments costing several thousand dollars. When you need treatment, we are your ally in managing costs because we give you options. We will recommend an ideal treatment and then give you choices and a careful explanation of benefits and risks.

Our fees are kept as low as possible while remaining consistent with our commitment to quality care. The advanced technology we use in our office helps us become more efficient every day.

We are also known for flexible payment options, including a partnership with CareCredit, a credit option designed explicitly for healthcare needs.

What If I Haven’t Been to the Dentist in Years?

Even if it has been a very long time since your last dentist visit, you can still feel comfortable at Theriot Family Dental Care. Not one of us will judge you, so you don’t have to feel bad or embarrassed. We’re just glad to see you, and we’re thrilled that you chose us for your care!

Your teeth might need some extra attention so that we can help you out through phased treatment options. We will plan a series of treatment steps that can get you from your current state to a healthy smile, all while staying within a reasonable budget.

What Types of Payment Do You Accept?

We will work with your dental insurance. Our payment specialist, Tanya, is an expert at helping you get the most from those benefits.

For treatment costs not covered by insurance, we also accept these other forms of payment and cash and check.