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Young woman relaxing in a dental chair, perhaps with sedation dentistry.Oral conscious sedation, or sedation dentistry, is a way to overcome anxiety related to painful or complicated dental procedures. Unlike the general anesthesia you might receive in a hospital, Theriot Family Dental Care successfully and safely administers conscious sedation in our office. The difference is that conscious sedation preserves your natural reflexes (such as coughing to breathe better).

Even though you retain consciousness during sedation dentistry, most patients describe feeling completely relaxed and indifferent to discomfort. After treatment, you may not even recall having had the procedure!

Am I a Candidate for Sedation Dentistry?

If you experience any of these issues, you are likely to be a candidate:

  • You have had trouble getting numb.
  • You need a lot of complex dental care, and you want it done in as few visits as possible.
  • You had traumatic dental experiences when you were younger and have a hard time facing the prospect of dental care now.

Can All Dentists Practice Sedation Dentistry?

No. The administration of these treatments requires specialized training and permission from the state dental board. Not all Lafayette dentists meet these requirements, even though they are licensed to practice general dentistry.

Dr. John Theriot has special training in sedation dentistry. He is a member of DOCS, the Dental Organization for Conscious Sedation. He achieved the distinction of being among fewer than 10% of dentists nationwide who have completed this specialized training.

Dr. Theriot also meets all of the Louisiana State Board of Dentistry’s requirements for practicing oral conscious sedation. Above the necessary standards for practicing dentistry, he also has:

  • At least 16 hours of intensive classroom instruction and training in sedation
  • Specialized training in handling emergencies
  • A Louisiana state permit to administer oral conscious sedation
  • Certification in Advanced Cardiac Life Support

Because sedation dentistry evokes a sense of relaxation similar to sleep, it is often referred to as sleep dentistry.

If you’re interested in improving your dental experience with sedation, call us to schedule an appointment or complete our Request an Appointment form.