Theriot Family Dental

What to Expect Your First Visit

At Theriot Family Dental Care, we feel privileged to care for your smile. Communication is quite essential in any relationship. When you’re talking about issues of health, it becomes even more important. From the beginning, we want to make sure you understand what to expect at every treatment step.

When you come for your first appointment with us, we’ll begin with your paperwork. You can fill out the forms at the office. We also provide them online so you can fill them out at home and bring them with you. Access our patient information and forms. Next, you’ll see one of our dental hygienists. She’ll explain to you everything we’re going to do and answer any questions you may have. From there, we’ll do a full set of x-rays and a gum examination.

If there is no gum disease present, we’ll do a cleaning. If you have periodontal disease present, we’ll explain what is going on and develop a treatment plan. After your cleaning, Dr. Theriot will go over your x-rays, exam, and cleaning. If any further treatment is required, he’ll go over that with you. Expect to spend about an hour with us.

At the end of your dental appointment, you’ll see our office manager. We’ll go over your future treatments, make sure you understand everything. If necessary, we’ll help you set up a payment plan. We want our patients to have every aspect of dental care available regardless of their financial circumstances. If you have any other questions regarding what to expect on your first visit, feel free to give our office a call.