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Posts for Month: August 2021

Bone Grafting Failed

My dentist has done lots of dental implants, so when I lost a tooth I thought he was the natural choice. When he first went in, the dentist said there was not enough bone there to retain the dental implant so he closed me back up and recommended we do bone grafting first. I agreed. […]


Teeth Whitening Touch Up Tips

I have a front tooth that needs a dental crown. I whitened my teeth about 3 years ago and want to touch them up before getting this dental crown so it will be the right whiteness. I have a few questions before jumping into this. How many days or weeks should I whiten? Is there […]


Root Canal Disaster

My husband had an injury that caused him to have some trauma to his teeth. I took him to the dentist who did not want to do any treatment for at least two weeks. In that time, his tooth started to discolor. At that point, he wasn’t in pain. The dentist said that he did […]


A Pretty Smile After 23 Years?

I’ve been wearing dentures for a little over twenty-two years. My smile has never been pretty as a result. I have seen people with dental implants that have very attractive smiles. I’d like to switch to those but don’t know if it is too late. Lucy Dear Lucy,   It is never too late to […]