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Posts for Month: December 2020

I’m Suspicious of What Her Dentist is Saying

I’ve been having a toothache on and off for about two weeks. When I was finally able to pluck up the courage to go in, the dentist did x-rays and discovered a tooth that already had a filling was infected again. He said only about 10% of the tooth is viable and he needs to […]


Is There a Soft Denture?

I have a denture, but the hard upper plate is making life miserable for me. Is there such a thing as a soft denture? Kat Dear Kat, While there is such a thing as a soft liner, there isn’t a pliable soft denture yet. The reason for that is the upper appliance has to be […]


Dentist Pulled Out My Implant

I had a dental implant placed, then the crown. A few days after the dental crown was placed the dental implant started to feel loose. My dentist suggested I come back in. He felt the crown was probably loose. When I went in, he couldn’t quite get the dental crown off so he got a […]


Why Can’t Dentist Get Me Numb?

Can you advise me? I have a lower central incisor that is infected and needs a root canal treatment. My dentist put a paste on it and did six shots. Even with all of that he wasn’t able to get me numb enough for the treatment. He refunded my money and wrote me a prescription […]