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Posts for Month: March 2022

Using Restraints on Children

I read that some dentists use restraints on children. I can’t imagine a scenario where that would be okay. Can you help me understand why that would ever be justified by someone who is not abusive? Karyn Dear Karyn, There are typically two types of restraints when it comes to pediatric dental care. The first […]


How Long Can I Wait For a Dental Implant?

About nine years ago my dentist placed a crown on a tooth and then thought maybe it needed a root canal treatment but didn’t want to do the treatment through the dental crown. Recently, the crown broke and the tooth underneath it is quite decayed. He doesn’t think the tooth can be saved and wants […]


Pain with Teeth Whitening

I have been using an at-home teeth whitening kit for several weeks. It was going fine until a few days ago. Now, there is one tooth where I am having this zinger of pain. It happens for a few seconds and then goes away. I’ve noticed it is on the tooth where I had a […]


Swelling After a Tooth Extraction

My sister had a tooth extracted. At the time of the extraction, there was already some swelling of her jaw. He prescribed her some amoxicillin for the infection. It has been three days since her extraction, and the swelling has hardened and gotten worse. I keep telling her to call her dentist back because I […]