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Posts for Month: August 2023

Why Does My Dental Crown Keep Falling Off?

I had a dental crown placed and it has fallen out five different times in just a few months. The first three times I went to the dentist that made the crown, but by the fourth time I lost confidence in that dentist and went to another one. He told me my other dentist was […]


A Dental Tourism Horror Story

I went to Mexico in the hope of finding some affordable dental care. I was told that I could save a lot of money this way by a friend who has done something similar in the past. She had a good experience, but mine has been a bit of a disaster. I needed four crowns […]


Should I Wait Until Impacted Wisdom Teeth Bother Me?

I am in my mid twenties and having some trouble with my wisdom teeth. Two of them are infected. The other two, while also impacted, are not infected. My dentist said the infected ones have to go but it is up to me what to do with the other two. I’m not sure what is […]


Can a Maryland Bridge Bond to Porcelain Crowns?

I feel like I’m losing so many teeth lately. I had a round of chemo and it did a number on my teeth. First, I had to have two porcelain crowns. Between them, I still had a viable tooth, but now that one has to go. I am going to replace it with a dental […]