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Posts for Month: March 2024

Not Sure I Can Go Back to The Dentist

I grew up without going to the dentist. My parents weren’t neglectful. They tried but there just wasn’t enough money to go around. We had food, clothing, and lots of love. I recently finished college and was hired at a really good company that has dental insurance and had my very first dental appointment. It […]


Solution for An Ugly Tooth with No Root

Can you help me? When I was younger I had a tooth get hit pretty hard while playing pool with my brothers. The cue ball jumped right off the pool table and smacked me in the mouth. When it happened, my dentist said the tooth was fine. However, the older I’ve gotten the darker the […]


Should I Remove All My Wisdom Teeth or Wait Until There Is A Problem?

I am 24 years-old and have four impacted wisdom teeth. In a week, I am having the top ones removed because they have started to give me problems. The bottom ones don’t bother me but my dentist asked if I just want to do all four at once and get it over with instead of […]


Daughter’s Bonding Looks Terrible

I hope you can help me and my daughter. She just turned twelve and had a nasty fall on her bike. It damaged her two front teeth. The center is pretty well gone and the teeth just look like a frame around an empty hole. Her pediatric dentist suggested we do composite bonding to fill […]