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Posts for Month: July 2021

Why Are My Teeth Whiter than My Dental Crown?

My dentist swears he gave me the whitest crown available but it is still darker than the teeth that are next to it. While it isn’t a very front tooth, it is still obvious this tooth does not match the others. To me, that makes it obvious it is a fake tooth and not one […]


Dental Implant Horror Story

I needed to have a substantial amount of work done to my bite. I talked to several dentists and they all recommended a combination of crowns, veneers, and dental implants. One dentist was significantly less expensive than the others, but offered the same procedures and recommendations so I went with him. Unfortunately, all the crowns […]


CEREC Crowns on Front Teeth

I was in an accident that led to me losing my two front teeth. I wanted to replace them as quickly as possible. My dentist does CEREC crowns, but when I told him I wanted to replace my teeth with CEREC crowns, he said that he doesn’t do CEREC crowns on front teeth. Is there […]


Switching from Amalgam to Composite Fillings

I have a mouth full of silver, amalgam fillings. One of them has developed a cavity underneath and it needs to be replaced. I want to replace it with the white composite filling but my dentist said that once you have an amalgam filling you have to replace it with the same thing. Either he […]