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Posts for Month: June 2023

Are Same Day Crowns as Good as the Traditional Crowns?

I had a crown placed a few years ago by one of those same day crown machines. Then I had a work transfer that relocated me to another state. I went to a new dentist for a checkup and the dentist said the crown was not fitting properly. He also implied that the dentist should […]


Can I Just Whiten Specific Teeth?

I have white spots that cover half of my two front teeth. They look great in pictures, but my other teeth kind of “ruin” it. Is it possible to whiten all the other teeth to match these? My dentist is suggesting I get Lumineers, but that is super expensive. I can’t pull that off. Laurie […]


Can’t Afford a Pretty Smile

I feel like if you live in the US and don’t have a pretty smile, no one will take you seriously. I have just never had much money and it depresses me to no end that I cannot afford these smile makeovers that my friends get. I recently read that I can get snap on […]


How to Prevent Facial Collapse with Dentures?

I am only in my late thirties and was recently diagnosed with a severe calcium deficiency. I am undergoing treatment. My teeth have always been a struggle for me and my dentist said that the calcium deficiency means I might as well give up and have all my teeth extracted and get dentures. I have […]