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Posts for Month: May 2021

Delaying a Root Canal Treatment

I have a tooth infection that needs a root canal treatment. I’m quite busy at the moment and am wondering how long I can put off getting the root canal treatment before it becomes an issue? I don’t want to put myself in danger but I also have important things to take care of. Luke […]


Is It Too Late To Get Dental Implants

I have had dental implants for a little over ten years. I finally have some money and wondered if it is too late for me to get dental implants. Mine haven’t been fitting well lately anyway so this seems like the perfect time. Have you had any experience with patients in my situation? Dave Dear […]


Invisalign AND Porcelain Veneers?

I saved up for porcelain veneers to make my teeth look better and younger. they’re showing their age in the color. I was thinking porcelain veneers because I have one front tooth that is a little crooked and I read online that porcelain veneers can make teeth look straight. When I went to see my […]


Help with Dental Allergies

I have been diagnosed with Type IV dental allergies. Additionally, I have tested positive for allergies to dental cement, nickel, formaldehyde, cobalt, chromium, titanium, and many chemicals. I had a root canal treatment done but the dentist left a file in it that broke off. I’m in a lot of pain but also have severe […]