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Will Lemons Whiten Teeth?

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My daughter has a sleepover coming up and I’m looking for some fun ideas, including some makeover fun. I read online that lemons can whiten teeth. I am thinking we could use that idea and also do a facial. Before I have the girls rub lemon all over their teeth, though, I want to make sure it is safe.


Dear Stacey,

An image of lemons

I am glad you wrote. While lemons can make teeth look whiter, at least temporarily, in the end it results in damaging the teeth. I think I can explain it best with an example. Years ago, I was asked about a home whitening kit from a friend. The kit’s process started with a citric acid rinse. The citric acid would etch the enamel on the teeth making it easier for the titanium dioxide pigment to attach to the tooth and look whiter. The problem is the etching of the of the enamel does permanent damage to the teeth and they will always be more susceptible to stains because of that. As you probably already know, lemons are citrus fruits, which have a high citric acid content.

If you are just looking for something fun you can do for teeth whitening at the sleepover, the Crest Whitestrips are safe. Depending on the age of the girls, the taste may be a bit displeasing to them. This is both safe and mild. On the other hand, if you are ever looking for a way to really whiten your teeth (obviously not for this sleepover), then I would only do that through a professional dentist.

It’s lovely that you are doing this for the girls and you will build memories that will last a lifetime. Just leave the lemons out of it…unless you want to make lemonade.

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