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Posts for Month: August 2022

My Son Won’t Sit Still for the Dentist

I’ve taken my son to the dentist twice, but he just won’t sit still. Both times my dentist said, “We’ll have to try again next time.” So for both appointments, which they did discount for me, he’s not actually been evaluated. I don’t know what to do, especially since he now is complaining that one […]


Dental Insurance and Dental Implants

I’ve lost several teeth and have been told that dental implants are the solution I need. However, they are quite expensive. If I get dental insurance, will that cover them? Martin Dear Martin, I am glad that you are looking at dental implants to replace your teeth. These are the best tooth replacements. Depending on […]


Do I Need a Holistic Dentist to Replace Silver Fillings?

I’m a 50ish woman who’s had quite a few silver fillings placed in her life. I’ve been focusing on cleaning up both my diet and environment to improve my overall health. I want all the silver fillings taken out of my mouth and replaced with tooth-colored ones. I’m not really having any symptoms (yet) but […]


Dentist Can’t Replace My Tooth…Now What?

My tooth was knocked out during a car accident. I was fine everywhere else. I managed to find the tooth and held on to it. I went to the dentist the next morning, but he said it was too late and my tooth can’t be saved. He told me to schedule a second appointment and […]