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Are Cheap Porcelain Veneers as Good?

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I am going back into the job market after losing my husband. His life insurance policy lapsed while he was laid off and we were really struggling financially. I firmly believe the strain is what gave him that heart attack to begin with. I need to get a job. I have professional experience from before my children were born. However, I realize my smile makes me look old. I need to find a job that is good enough to pay our bills and I’ve been advised that my teeth will be a problem with that. I priced porcelain veneers with four different dentists. One of them is significantly cheaper than everyone else. The dentist said it is because he uses a discount brand. Even with that, I’d have to take out a small loan. However, I don’t want to do that if they are not actually going to last. Do you have any experience with these discount brands of porcelain veneers?


Dear Angela,

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There is a big difference between affordable and cheap dentistry

First, let me express my condolences on the loss of your husband. I’m also sorry that you are having to deal with finding a job and feeling like you can’t compete with younger workers. I’m not sure what brand he is referring to when he talks about “discount porcelain veneers” and I have my doubts. If he is significantly less expensive than the other dentists, as it sounds like he is, then either he is not really using porcelain veneers, but some other subpar material, or he is unskilled and uses the low prices to draw in patients who won’t realize they’re going to be disappointed.

Porcelain veneers are an advanced procedure which requires post doctoral training in order for a dentist to develop the skills and artistry necessary to do them well. Smile makeovers are not adequately taught in dental schools. Unfortunately, because cosmetic dentistry is not a recognized specialty, any dentist is allowed to call themselves a cosmetic dentist regardless of the amount of training they’ve invested in.

If you need to update your smile at a cheap price, I recommend you simply do teeth whitening. This simple procedure can take decades off the appearance of your teeth at a fraction of the cost of porcelain veneers. Plus, you will not need an expert cosmetic dentist. The procedure is simple enough that any dentist could do it equally. I would call around and find the most affordable dentist in your area that offers tooth bleaching and have it done there. Be aware you will want to have your teeth cleaned first or the results could end up splotchy. You want an evenly clean surface to start with.

Best of luck on your job search.

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