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Posts for Month: February 2021

Did Dental Shots Cause My Problem?

I recently had to have a tooth extracted. At the time of the procedure, it took an incredible and excruciating number of shots to get me numb. I lost count at about twelve. Then, a few days later a bone spur appeared. I went back and the dentist took care of that, with more pain […]


CEREC Crowns for Front Teeth

I need a dental crown placed on a front tooth and I’d prefer to have one of those same-day dental crowns. My dentist doesn’t do them. Should I just get a referral to someone who does or is there a reason not to get them? Max Dear Max, CEREC crowns or same-day crowns, as they […]


Dentist Won’t Extract a Second Tooth

I had a root canal treatment done a couple of months ago on a top left molar and that tooth is still bothering me. I was also scheduled to have an impacted and infected wisdom tooth removed from the bottom left side of my mouth. I canceled the appointment because I wanted the dentist to […]


Half My Dental Implants Have Already Fallen Out

I am getting full implant overdentures on my upper and lower teeth. The plan is to do six dental implants on each arch. We’re doing the lower arch first because those teeth were in the worst condition. I’ve only had the implants themselves for less than a week and three of them have already fallen […]