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Posts for Month: October 2023

Gray Teeth and Cannot Afford Porcelain Veneers

I have gray teeth because of medication I took when I was a child. I had bonding done years ago, but it has started showing its age. I didn’t actually expect it to last this long, but am glad it did. The problem I have now is the economy took a toll on my business […]


Dentist Said to Get Rid of All My Teeth

I’m so upset. I grew up in a poor family that could not afford dental care. It was a long time into my own adulthood before I could afford to see a dentist, but I’ve finally been able to get a college degree and a good job. I’m in my 40s and the first thing […]


Is a Porcelain Veneer Turning Color a Dental Emergency?

My daughter received as a gift from a relative a smile makeover. It included eight on the top arch and six on the bottom. A few months later my daughter chipped one of them. We returned to the dentist and he “repaired” it by shaving the tooth down to even it out. He had to […]


Do I Really Need To Replace My Dental Bridge?

I had a dental bridge placed a year ago and now my dentist said it needs to be replaced because one of the teeth that holds the crown is cracked. If there is no pain is this strictly necessary? The bridge is quite expensive and I am not keen on replacing it. Ben Dear Ben, […]