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Posts for Month: September 2023

Can’t Afford To Deal My Wisdom Tooth?

I cracked a wisdom tooth some time ago but didn’t really have the money to deal with it. Now it is decaying and I am still broke. The tooth is super sensitive. Is there a way to deal with this just with antibiotics? Kevin Dear Kevin, I’m sorry you are going through this. It’s always […]


Can I Go with Comfort Dental for this Procedure?

I had a dental bridge anchored to my canine teeth that replaced all of my front four teeth. Unfortunately, the canines became so loose that they had to be extracted. I had the teeth replaced again with a parital dental done by Comfort Dental. I was completely miserable with that replacement so I went back. […]


Dental Flipper for Toddlers?

Can you help me? I am not sure what to do for my son. He is 3 years old and have to have his two front teeth removed because of an accident. I was, and still am, very worried about his teeth shifting. He’s already been without them for a few months. I mentioned getting […]


Why Do My Veneers Keep Popping Off?

I wanted to whiten my teeth, but my dentist said I needed veneers instead because I grind my teeth. I’ve been miserable since then. They fall off quite a bit and I am a nervous wreck. My dentist keeps blaming my grinding, but I have been wearing a nightguard ever since I got the veneers. […]