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Posts for Month: November 2020

I Can’t Get Through the Door of My Dentist

It has been seven years since I’ve been to a dentist. The last time I tried, I got to the door but when I opened it I had a panic attack and fled. I am in pain and know I need a lot of work. Is there anything to help a person like me? Susan […]


Will Type 1 Diabetes Keep Me from Dental Implants?

I need to replace two teeth. I’d like to get dental implants for them, but my dentist hinted that with my Type 1 Diabetes, I may not be a good candidate. Is it possible? If so, do I have to do anything differently? Mark Dear Mark, You’ve made a good choice in tooth replacement options. […]


Denture Teeth Won’t Stay In

I am only 53 years old. Having to get dentures when I did 15 years ago was hard enough on my female pride. Now I can’t even keep the dentures in. It is a humiliating situation.  I went to my dentist about it, the one who’d originally given me the dentures and he said there […]


The Finer Details of CEREC® Dental Crowns

Thanks to advances in modern technology and the rise of CEREC® technology, same-day dental crowns can now be used. Using computer-assisted technology, your dental impression can be precisely read to design a dental crown that is customized directly to your individual oral health care needs all in the span of a single afternoon! CEREC dental […]