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Posts for Month: February 2023

Is there Affordable Teeth Whitening?

I’m interested in whitening my teeth, but I’m on a fixed income so I’m not interested in Zoom or anything like that. Are there more affordable options? Thank you, Bonnie Dear Bonnie, It’s understandable that you’d like to avoid higher costs at this time, especially while inflation is making everything cost so much. Many families […]


Affordable Dental Care for My Mother

My mom is in her 80s and has not taken care of herself in recent years. I’ve moved her in with me and noticed that she has been wincing when she eats. I asked her about it and she insists it is fine, that is it always like that. When I asked her how long […]


Are There Things an Emergency Dentist Cannot Do?

I’ve seen an emergency dentist before, for an abscessed tooth that (of course) chose to flare up while I was on vacation. I was several states away from my regular dentist. That got me thinking: I spend upwards of three months at a time in my vacation state, and I really like the doctor I […]


Holistic Dentist Says My Dry Mouth is the Big Problem

I have been seeing a holistic dentist for the first time and, thus far, I have found it a welcome change. She really listens to me and doesn’t blow off any of my concerns. My one worry is that I’ve had a lot more cavities since seeing her. She and I had a conversation about […]