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Is there Affordable Teeth Whitening?

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I’m interested in whitening my teeth, but I’m on a fixed income so I’m not interested in Zoom or anything like that. Are there more affordable options?

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teeth whitening trays
Teeth Whitening Trays

It’s understandable that you’d like to avoid higher costs at this time, especially while inflation is making everything cost so much. Many families are struggling. There are a few options available to you instead of Zoom Whitening, depending upon your budget.

Custom Whitening Trays And Peroxide Gel

This option involves a visit to your dentist, having impressions taken, and custom whitening trays fabricated to fit your mouth. Then you are given a take-home whitening gel to be used in these trays. The whitening trays are worn typically one or two times daily, for approximately a half hour at a time. Some people prefer to wear them overnight. The more you’re able to wear them the faster the whitening happens.

All teeth whitening methods use either hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide. The difference between the gel you purchase at your dentist and over-the-counter products is that the product from your dentist has a higher concentration of the active ingredient. It will achieve results quicker than over-the-counter products, with some patients starting to see results within the first week or two.

This option carries the highest fee, however, so if this is outside your budget you may want to explore other options. Check with your dentist for estimates.

Over-The-Counter Whitening Strips

Another option you may like is the over-the-counter whitening strips. There are a few different brands that make these, but one that does work is Crest Whitestrips. They are thin, flexible strip containing beads of whitening gel on one side that is worn directly against the teeth, for about a half hour at a time. Many patients find these gentler and more comfortable, as well. This method takes a bit longer to achieve results, as compared to custom trays. This is quite a bit more affordable than the custom whitening trays. Though, you have to purchase a lot of kits to get the same amount of whitening as you would with your dentist. Plus, they will only whiten six teeth at a time, which also adds to the cost.

Affordable Dentists Do Exist

My big suggestion is that you talk to your dentist. Many dentists are willing to work with patients on payments if they are struggling. If your dentist is not one of them, simply do an online search using the term affordable dentist. These are the dentists most willing to work with patients. This way you can get professional strength teeth whitening while under the care of a dentist, which can protect you from issues that can come up unexpectedly during a teeth whitening process.

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