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Posts for Month: September 2022

How Much Work Can I Have Done at Once?

I need two root canal treatments, four fillings, and two dental crowns. Is it possible to get this all done in one appointment? I have neglected my dental care in the past and am trying very hard to get this back to healthy. Caryn, Dear Caryn, How exciting that you are getting your oral health […]


Son’s Tooth Knocked Out Playing Basketball

My son was playing basketball with some friends when he was elbowed in the mouth. It knocked one of his teeth straight out. The area is barely bleeding and the tooth looks intact. I do have a gauze in the area. Is there any way it can be saved or will I need to begin […]


Son Born With Rare Facial Malformation. Is He Still A Candidate For Orthodontics?

My son, 13, was born with a rare congenital birth defect called Lymphangioma. People used to call it Cystic Hygroma. I’d never even heard of it before he was born, and my husband and I have certainly had to do our research and learn a lot about it. Basically, it means there is an overgrowth of […]


Can You Bleach Your Teeth with Clorox?

I was thinking about getting my teeth whitened, but I don’t have a ton of money. I was thinking that maybe I could just rinse my teeth with Clorox. Maybe that is stupid, but it works on clothes so I thought maybe it would be effective on my teeth. Mae Dear Mae, I can see […]