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How Much Work Can I Have Done at Once?

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I need two root canal treatments, four fillings, and two dental crowns. Is it possible to get this all done in one appointment? I have neglected my dental care in the past and am trying very hard to get this back to healthy.


Dear Caryn,

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How exciting that you are getting your oral health back to snuff! You are going to find that you will feel much better in general and not just in your mouth. There is a direct correlation between oral health and general health. Taking care of your teeth, puts you on the path to overall wellness.

Though each dentist varies in how much work they are willing to do in each appointment, you will be able to get the most work done in one sitting by going to a sedation dentist. Some dentists will only work on one arch at a time, some will only do one quadrant. Either way, using something such as oral conscious sedation will allow you to maximize the time.

One thing to be aware of with the root canal treatments. If your root canals are on molars, the work will go much faster if you see a root canal specialist, called an endodontist.

Another consideration is where your dental crowns will be placed. If they are going to be very visible, such as on your front teeth, then, you will want to make sure the dentist has some cosmetic skills. Ask to see before and after pictures of dental crowns they have done on front teeth.

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