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Posts for Month: June 2024

Will Lemons Whiten Teeth?

My daughter has a sleepover coming up and I’m looking for some fun ideas, including some makeover fun. I read online that lemons can whiten teeth. I am thinking we could use that idea and also do a facial. Before I have the girls rub lemon all over their teeth, though, I want to make […]


Are Cheap Porcelain Veneers as Good?

I am going back into the job market after losing my husband. His life insurance policy lapsed while he was laid off and we were really struggling financially. I firmly believe the strain is what gave him that heart attack to begin with. I need to get a job. I have professional experience from before […]


Can I Get My Daughter Get a White Filling?

I’m a bit frustrated with my pediatric dentist. I’ve gone to him with all five of my children. He’s been our dentist for a LONG time. He’s always been kind and good to us. I’m just worried that he’s not keeping up with current practices. My youngest child, our fifth, needs a filling. He’s still […]


Getting Four Front Teeth to Look Right With Dental Implants

I have a porcelain bridge for my four front teeth. It is time to replace it and I wanted something both more permanent and more esthetic looking. I am a bit concerned. I chose four separate dental implants one for each of the teeth. He’s actually going to do two extra crowns on the canines […]