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Posts for Month: January 2021

Whitening Non-Veneered Teeth

I have porcelain veneers and they have held up very well. My natural teeth, however, are a completely different story. Is there a way to whiten just the natural teeth without damaging the porcelain veneers? I was thinking maybe of using something like Crest Whitestrips. Is that safe? Laurie Dear Laurie,   I am glad […]


Maryland Bridge as a Temporary Restoration?

My daughter is 12 years old and we just finished her orthodontics. She has a congenitally missing lateral incisor that we plan on getting a dental implant for when she is older and her jaw is well developed. Our dentist said we needed some temporary tooth replacements there and suggested we use a Maryland  Bridge […]


Multiple Dental Allergies

A few years ago I had a root canal treatment done. The dentist broke a file in the tooth but told me it was nothing to worry about. It started bothering me so I went to see an endodontist. When he tried to remove it, he actually ended up pushing it through the bottom, making […]


Root Canal Failure

I had a root canal treatment a couple of years ago and then the tooth flared back up. My dentist did a re-treatment and gave me penicillin and pain killer. It’s been almost two weeks and I am still in massive pain.  I called the dentist back a few days after treatment and he said […]