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Posts for Month: March 2021

A Dental Flipper for a Preschooler?

My three-year-old lost his two front teeth due to an accident. I”m a bit worried about his teeth shifting. We did have a pediatric dentist, but he recently sold his practice and is now in enjoying the high life of retirement. Unfortunately, the man who now runs his practice is not nearly as helpful. When […]


Whitening Tooth Bonding

I have old dental bonding and it is starting to pick up stains. I remember my dentist saying that you could not whiten them once the color was made, but is there a way to get them back to their original color? Madeline Dear Madeline, What your dentist meant by the color would not be […]


Antibiotics and Tooth Infections

Can you help me? I went to a dentist I had never been to before for an emergency dental appointment. I was in massive pain. He told me I had a tooth infection and prescribed an antibiotic for me. Within a few days I was feeling better, but now it is starting to hurt again. […]


Too Young for Dentures

I am only 30 years old but have really tragic teeth. They’ve always been a problem even though I take care of them. Lately, it seems like my dentist has no interest in fixing my teeth and just suggests pulling them and getting partial dentures. At this rate, I’ll be in full dentures by the […]