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Posts for Month: September 2021

Stunt Work and Dental Implants

I’m a stuntman and have been having the worst streak of bad luck lately. I’ve lost two teeth in three months. Obviously, I want to replace them. I was thinking of dental implants. Would they work for me? Ben Dear Ben,   I am sorry for your run of trouble. I hope that does not […]


Fever with a Tooth Infection?

I tried to schedule an emergency appointment for my daughter with her pediatric dentist because she has a fever and says her tooth hurts, which tells me she may have a tooth infection. The office pretty much laughed at me and said that a tooth infection does not cause a fever. Is this true? I […]


Novocain Does Not Work for Me

I have a weird issue where Novocain doesn’t work for me. My dentist can give me seven shots to no avail and this has happened multiple times. As you can imagine, my dental health is struggling as a result. Why do dentists all use the same kind of numbing medicine? Can I have my dental […]


Zoom Whitening for Uneven Tooth Color

My daughter recently had her braces removed. However, they have left her with some white spots on her teeth. Our dentist tried teeth whitening with those little trays, but that only seemed to make the white spots more apparent. Now she is suggesting Zoom Whitening. It’s even more expensive and we’re running out of money. […]