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Novocain Does Not Work for Me

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I have a weird issue where Novocain doesn’t work for me. My dentist can give me seven shots to no avail and this has happened multiple times. As you can imagine, my dental health is struggling as a result. Why do dentists all use the same kind of numbing medicine? Can I have my dental work done under anesthesia? My teeth are a wreck.


Dear Kevin,

woman asleep in a dental chair


I am certain I can help you here without you needing to spend a fortune at a hospital. There is a phenomenon where dental anxiety can cause any numbing medication to burn up too quickly to be useful. Given your experiences at the dentist, I am not surprised going makes you nervous. It’s likely you’ve never had a pleasant experience at the dentist in your life. Of course you will have anxiety! The good news is there is a rather simple solution.

You will want to look for a sedation dentist. They have the most experience with anxious patients. Additionally, they offer a medication that can completely relax you during your procedure, which in turn, enables your numbing medication to work to its full capacity. Given your difficulties, I am going to recommend you see someone who offers oral conscious sedation. This is administered by a pill. Yet, this pill is so strong that you will not be able to drive yourself to and from your appointment. Most people sleep completely through their appointment, which is why some have dubbed it sleep dentistry. You will also need someone to stay with you for a few hours after your appointment until you are lucid and steady on your feet again.

In addition to getting a stress-free and pain-free appointment, this type of sedation enables you to get more work done at each appointment. You will be able to catch up on all that missed work much sooner than would be otherwise possible.

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