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Posts for Month: December 2023

Should I Switch Implant Dentists in the Middle of the Procedure?

I had two teeth in need of dental implants. Thus far, I have had the bone grafting done to build up the bone in that area because those teeth had been missing for some time and I was using a removable partial denture for them. I wanted something more permanent. After the bone grafting, he […]


Dental Implants and Gum Disease

I’ve been dealing with some gum disease. I’ve also lost two teeth from severe decay. I am hoping that I can replace those teeth with dental implants. My dentist says I am at risk of losing additional teeth as well. I’ve read dentures are not a good option, even though they cost a lot less. […]


Getting a Refund When a Dentist Does It Wrong

I had a dental crown placed on a tooth. It was purely for cosmetic reasons. The tooth itself was healthy. A few weeks later it started hurting and was sensitive to hot and cold. I called the dentist and he said that was pretty normal for the first few weeks. I’d never had a crown […]


Am I Allergic to My Zirconia Crowns?

I had a difficult time with this crown from the beginning. The dentist had a hard time getting me numb. I was so ready for that appointment to be done. Unfortunately, that just started my problem. Ever since then my throat has been itchy and burning. My mouth has been dry, which has caused my […]