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Posts for Month: April 2023

Cheap Dentist Is Costing Me a Fortune

I don’t have a lot of money so I go to a dental hygiene school to get my teeth cleaned. At my last appointment, they told me that I need a dental crown. I was dreading that because I had no idea how I would afford it. I started doing a search for a “cheap […]


Can Teething Cause a Fever?

I have a child that keeps running fevers. He’s just about to cut his first tooth and a friend of mine with three children already said that the teething is probably the answer. She suggested that I cut his gums to get them through faster. I’m afraid I’ll do that wrong. Is any of this […]


Should I Wait Three Weeks to Get My Tooth Extracted?

I have a fractured tooth that also now has an abscess. I’m supposed to have it extracted in three weeks and get it replaced with a dental implant but the abscess is really bothering me. I’m in so much pain and my face is swollen. I tried to get them to move up the appointment […]


Could I Wake Up During Dental Sedation?

I am afraid of the dentist. Very afraid. I think I can see a cavity and know I need to go to the dentist, but I am a bit terrified. My boyfriend suggested I use dental sedation. However, I am scared that I will wake up in the middle of it. Is that a possibility? […]