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Cheap Dentist Is Costing Me a Fortune

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I don’t have a lot of money so I go to a dental hygiene school to get my teeth cleaned. At my last appointment, they told me that I need a dental crown. I was dreading that because I had no idea how I would afford it. I started doing a search for a “cheap dentist”. I found one who was several hundred dollars cheaper than anyone else in my area. I was convinced I’d won the lottery. Unfortunately, the crown has needed to be replaced every year for the last three years. I can’t keep doing this. Is there anyway to get my money back?


Dear Drew,

A dollar sign hatching out of an egg.

I’m sorry this is happening to you. You are facing a hard lesson on the difference between a cheap dentist and an affordable dentist. With a cheap dentist, you usually get someone who is very bad at their job and needs to keep their prices down in order to draw patients in simply because they cannot keep them.

With an affordable dentist, you may not get the cheapest, but it will last. If you think about having to do this crown three times in three years, you have already spent more than if you would have gone to a more “expensive” dentist to begin with.

What Can an Affordable Dentist Do for You?

Each affordable dentist does things a little bit differently. While all of them work hard to keep their prices as affordable as they can, some will also offer payment plans for their patients. These can be in-office payment plans or through a third party such as Care Credit. This will enable you to get the treatment you need right away while paying out the treatment in increments.

Can you get your money back? I feel certain you can get your money back for the most recent one. It’s probably too late for the others. In general, the shortest amount of time a dental crown should last is five years. You are barely getting a fifth of that!

For your future dental needs, look for an affordable dentist, but before you settle on them, check out their reviews to make certain you know what you are getting into.

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