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Posts for Month: November 2023

Snap-on Smile for an Eight Year Old?

I have an eight year old who is accident prone. He fell and broke a tooth almost in half. His dentist did dental bonding but that broke off in about a week. He’s still too young for it to be capped. Would snap on smile be good for him? Ashley Dear Ashley, I am not […]


Problem with Pain and the Dentist Can’t Find Anything

Several years ago, I was in an accident that cause an exposed nerve in a tooth. I went in for an emergency root canal treatment. I was fine until a few weeks ago, when I started having terrible pain again to cold and hot. I waited a bit because of finances. By the time I […]


Teeth Whitening with Dental Fillings

I have about five composite fillings. My teeth are aging, along with myself, and are looking more yellow than white even though I am fastidious about my oral hygiene. I have decided to give myself an early Christmas present and get my teeth whitened. Before I move forward, I have some questions. 1. Will the […]


Two Front Crowns Do Not Match My Teeth

I needed to have two porcelain crowns placed. My dentist tried but could not get the shape or color to match my teeth. He suggested a specialist and was very understanding about how badly it was done. His recommendation was a prosthodontist, which he told me is a crown specialist. I felt like I was […]