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Posts for Month: May 2023

Dentist Wants to Restore ALL of my teeth

I’ve gotten myself into a situation and now I’m having second thoughts. I have been having trouble keeping all of my teeth healthy. I have three that need dental crowns already. My dentist suggested that I have bad teeth and we should just crown all of them to save time. I don’t feel all that […]


Do I Need to Wait to Fix My Daughter’s Broken Tooth?

My elementary age daughter was playing outside and and tripped. This resulted in one of her front teeth breaking. I took her to the dentist and he told me that he could not fix her tooth for about a month. I was not thrilled about that wait period so I asked him for a recommendation […]


Dental Crown Feels Funny

I had a root canal treatment and dental crown about three years ago. Recently, it began to feel funny and then a few days later it fell off. I went to see my dentist and he decided what I needed was a new dental crown. I was confused by this because it wasn’t very old. […]


Getting Dental Implant Parts Online

I have snap-on dentures for my upper arch. Periodically, I need some replacement parts. Presently, I need the male retention caps. However, I am struggling financially right now. My dentist sells them to me for $100 for a set of four. That is $25 a piece. I see them for sale online for $20 for […]