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Dental Crown Feels Funny

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I had a root canal treatment and dental crown about three years ago. Recently, it began to feel funny and then a few days later it fell off. I went to see my dentist and he decided what I needed was a new dental crown. I was confused by this because it wasn’t very old. I thought he could just bond it back on. He insisted it needed a new crown because it was feeling weird which indicates something was wrong. I relented and got the new crown. The new crown didn’t feel quite right. I mentioned this to my dentist a few days later and he just said it was because it was new and I am not used to it. This is the opposite of what he said when he wanted me to get a new crown. How was the odd feeling an indicator something was wrong earlier, but now it is just because I “need to get used to it”? What do I do?


Dear Evelyn,

porcelain crown being placed on a tooth

You are right to be concerned. I completely understand why you feel like your dentist is just saying what is convenient for him. Whether you consider this good news or bad news, his advice the first time about the odd feeling indicating something is wrong was correct. I just wish he would have done more than just replace the crown. Some investigating would have been in order.

What I would like you to do is schedule an appointment with another dentist and have them x-ray the area. There are a lot of things that can be the cause of this. Let me tell you a story about a colleague of mine who went through something similar. After his second crown was placed and still hurting, he went elsewhere and asked specifically for a periapical x-ray. This is what I want you to ask for.

This test revealed massive decay in the tooth underneath the crown. He couldn’t feel it because the tooth had previously had a root canal treatment so there was no pulp to cause pain. Because there was so much delay in finding the cause, there was no way to save the tooth. He ended up having to have the tooth extracted. Now, he had the added expense of a dental implant for the tooth replacement.

When you call this other dentist, look for someone who offers dental emergency appointments. Explain your situation and they may be able to get you in faster than normal. Do NOT tell them who your dentist is. They may be friends. If he asks, tell him you want an unbiased opinion.

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