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Posts for Month: April 2024

Baby Tooth Didn’t Come Out

I’m 14 years old and still have 2 baby teeth. My adult teeth are coming in. One is pushing on the baby tooth and one is coming in front of the baby tooth. My mom is thinking we might need to pull the baby teeth. Is this what I have to do? What will happen […]


Dental Bridge or Removable Partial Denture

I am dealing with the consequences of gum disease and am losing some teeth, plus have some other loose ones. I was thinking to get a removable partial denture for the teeth, but my dentist wants me to get a 5 part bridge. That is a bit too expensive for me. Is there an important […]


Can You Get a Dental Implant with Fosamax?

I lost an upper tooth and was hoping to replace it with a dental implant. My dentist said that because I am on Fosamax that I am not a good candidate for a dental implant. Currently, I am wearing a dental flipper. I’ve been trying to research options. Is an Encore Bridge do-able for someone […]


Can We Choose How White We Get Our Teeth?

My husband and I are hoping to get our teeth really white. Ideally, we’d like our teeth to match the whiteness of our eyeballs. Is this type of specificity possible? We are already planning next year’s cosplaying and this would really add that extra edge to our costumes. Price is no object. Going to cons […]