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Posts for Month: February 2024

Bite Feels Weird After Dental Crowns

I had composite work done years ago. It was finally time to get them replaced. My dentist suggested that instead of the dental bonding which repaired a chip and built up some gaps between my front teeth and the ones next to them, that I get six dental crowns. I went ahead and did that, […]


Can a Root Canal Treatment Be Re-Done?

I had a root canal treatment done a few years ago. Now the tooth is infected again. My dentist is saying we’ll need to re-do the root canal treatment. Before I agree to this, I have a few questions. First, I didn’t even know a root canal treatment could be done more than once. Second, […]


Her Dentist is Missing the Obvious

I had a bad fall that broke off about 1/3 of one of my front teeth while I was out of the country about three years ago. I had an emergency root canal treatment that removed the nerve from the tooth. When I got home, my dentist looked things over and said the work looked […]


Dealing with a Dental Implant Disaster

I cracked a tooth and my dentist told me it couldn’t be saved. He pulled it right then and there and I had little time to prepare. He gave me some Novocaine shots which freaking hurt and left me with burning in my mouth and tongue. He told me that was normal and we scheduled […]