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Posts for Month: May 2022

Dental Accidents: Dentist Cut My Tongue

I have never loved going to the dentist. However, I have not had a horrible experience until my recent appointment. I’d never had a cavity until after my recent pregnancy. I was sick the entire nine months. I ended up needing one dental crown and two fillings by the time I got through the pregnancy […]


Brown Spots on Teeth

I have brown spots on my teeth that have been there since childhood. I have been told that it is because of a fever I had as a child. I’m in my 20s now and would really like a beautiful smile. My dentist and I have tried every tooth whitening product known to man to […]


Problem with Infected Wisdom Tooth

I had a terrible toothache and went to the dentist, even though I hate going to the dentist (no offense). He told me I had an infected wisdom tooth and I need to see a specialist. In the meantime, he provided me with some pain medication and antibiotics. I had just finished the antibiotics when […]


Should My Husband Switch Dental Implants

My husband recently had six dental implants placed in his lower jaw. I feel certain the metal is reacting to something in his body because they smell horrible. Right now he only has the temporary acrylic denture right now, so I’m thinking it would be better for him to switch the implants out while there […]