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Brown Spots on Teeth

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I have brown spots on my teeth that have been there since childhood. I have been told that it is because of a fever I had as a child. I’m in my 20s now and would really like a beautiful smile. My dentist and I have tried every tooth whitening product known to man to no effect. Now she is considering grinding the brown spots off my teeth because she thinks what is underneath will be white. I just wanted to check if you have done this before because she is not certain exactly how much tooth she’ll have to grind. I’d love to know what to expect before I decide to go forward with this.


Dear Carol,

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Please don’t let this dentist work on your teeth. She may be a wonderful dentist for basic services, such as cleanings and checkups, etc., but she is way out of her depth when it comes to cosmetic procedures. Teeth whitening is the simplest of all the cosmetic procedures, yet she was quite confused about how that worked. It is a wonderful way to brighten your teeth and make them look years younger, but it will whiten your teeth evenly. If you have spots on your teeth, it will actually make them look more obvious.

The solution for this is to either get porcelain veneers or dental bonding. These are very advanced procedures so if your dentist had trouble with understanding teeth whitening, she certainly can’t do these procedures. You will need to see an expert cosmetic dentist. The porcelain veneers will last longer and are a better procedure, but they are more expensive. They can be used for complete smile makeovers. It is what the celebrities go to for their Hollywood smiles. Dental bonding will cost significantly less, but will also need to be replaced much more often. It’s made from composite instead of porcelain, but it can cover your brown spots.

I hope this helps.
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