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Posts for Month: July 2022

Son Born With Rare Facial Malformation. Is He Still A Candidate For Orthodontics?

My son, 13, was born with a rare congenital birth defect called Lymphangioma. People used to call it Cystic Hygroma. I’d never even heard of it before he was born, and my husband and I have certainly had to do our research and learn a lot about it. There is an overgrowth of lymphatic tissue in […]


Metal Free Dental Implants

I recently lost a back tooth. I’m just getting a bridge to fix it. However, if I ever lose a front tooth, I think I would rather have a dental implant. The problem I face is I have fairly severe metal allergies. I can’t wear anything that has metal in it including buttons on jeans, […]


Why Would I Child Need a Pulpotomy?

My six-year-old has a deep cavity that turned into an infection on his back teeth. My pediatric dentist wants to do a pulpotomy on it. I think that is completely unnecessary. Those baby teeth are going to fall out anyway. What’s the point except to add to my bill and line his pocket? Monica Dear […]


I’m Losing Teeth Because Of My Fear

I haven’t been to the dentist in years because of early childhood trauma. I was too difficult for dentists after that and my parents sort of gave up on taking me. As an adult, I continued the tradition. Now I have a tooth that is so decayed I am certain it will have to come […]