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Can I Get My Daughter Get a White Filling?

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I’m a bit frustrated with my pediatric dentist. I’ve gone to him with all five of my children. He’s been our dentist for a LONG time. He’s always been kind and good to us. I’m just worried that he’s not keeping up with current practices. My youngest child, our fifth, needs a filling. He’s still doing the old silver fillings. I asked for the white ones, but he said they can’t be done on children. I just don’t believe that. It’s the first time I haven’t trusted him. I’m not just arbitrarily doubting him. I have friends whose children have white fillings. So, how do I convince him to place a white filling?


Dear Emma,

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While it is true that children can have white fillings, I would not pressure your child’s dentist to do it. The procedure for placing composite fillings is different than what your dentist is used to when he places amalgam fillings. If he isn’t trained and comfortable in the updated procedure, it won’t do you any good to try to talk him into it. The results won’t be correct.

One aspect of placing white fillings which is more challenging with children is the importance of keeping the tooth completely dry during the procedure. Even if they wiggle their tongue to touch it, they could corrupt the filling prep. That does not mean it cannot be done. It just probably can’t be done with your son’s current dentist.

The best dentists keep up with the developing technology. It sounds like your current dentist has been around for a long time and prefers to do things his “tried and true” way. He may also be close to retirement and not as interested in keeping up with the current trends. In some cases, that is absolutely fine and serves those who are just looking for a bread and butter dentist. It sounds to me like you are looking with someone who is up to date on the technology in their field. My suggestion is that you look for a pediatric dentist who regularly places white fillings. They will already have the technique down as well as strategies to keep it dry with children.

If you are having trouble finding a pediatric dentist in your area that does this, you can always look for a general dentist who treats children. Every dentist has done a pediatric rotation and is qualified to take care of the general dental needs of children. If ever anything specialized came up, they could refer you to a specialist.

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