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Posts for Month: October 2022

I’ve Been Blacklisted by the Area’s Best Dentist

I need some advice. My friends have been talking up this dentist to me that they love. He’s done all their cosmetic work. I went to him for a cleaning and enjoyed the office. Everything was fine. Then, I decided it was time to check out the cosmetics. I have some oddly spaced teeth and […]


Emergency Dentist Won’t Fix Another Dentist’s Crown

I had a dental crown done by another dentist only four months ago. I had trouble with it from the beginning. I went back multiple times to have it adjusted, but it never stopped hurting. Now, the crown just broke. I didn’t trust my dentist anymore so decided to see someone who advertised as an […]


Will I Lose My Memories with Dental Sedation?

I have a pretty extreme phobia of the dentist. They recommended I use dental sedation. At first, I was cool with that. But, then they told me that I would probably not even remember the appointment. Not to sound paranoid or anything, but that sort of terrifies me just as much. I was embarrassed to […]


My Teeth are Staining from Medicine

About two years ago, my dentist put me on tetracycline medication. At my last check up, my dentist said I have stains on the back of my teeth that look like brown lines. I think tetracycline does this. Will whitening my teeth help with that? Amanda Dear Amanda, The above image shows what tetracycline stains […]