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Emergency Dentist Won’t Fix Another Dentist’s Crown

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I had a dental crown done by another dentist only four months ago. I had trouble with it from the beginning. I went back multiple times to have it adjusted, but it never stopped hurting. Now, the crown just broke. I didn’t trust my dentist anymore so decided to see someone who advertised as an emergency dentist to repair it. He said that the crown could not be repaired and instead needed to be replaced. I feel like he might be saying this just to get the fee and I just want it repaired. Not to start over. What should I do?


Dear Carol,

porcelain crown being placed

I am sorry you have had so much trouble with your dental crown. You have a right to be frustrated. Most dentists would expect a dental crown to last a minimum of five years. You haven’t even had that many months.

I don’t know who the emergency dentist is that you went to. Different dentists have varying amounts of comfort in repair treatments. I haven’t seen the state of your dental crown, but it is possible that there is not a repair possible in the condition it is in.

If that is the case, it would be less expensive for you to go back to the original dentist. He should replace it free of charge. However, one thing I would insist on is that if he can’t get the crown pain-free for you then he or she should provide you with a refund and you can go somewhere else to have your dental crown made. Your other option is to get a second opinion from another dentist.

Again, I am sorry that this happened to you. It shouldn’t have.
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