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Posts for Month: June 2021

Zoom Whitening for White Spots on Teeth

When my daughter got her braces off there were white spots on her teeth. Our dentist suggested we have Zoom Whitening done to fix that, but it only seemed to make everything worse. Is it possible that she did the Zoom Whitening Wrong? What do we do now? Laura Dear Laura, It isn’t that your […]


Will a Tooth Infection Spread to My Brain?

I was told that I have a tooth infection. I was always taught by my mother that these are serious and should not be left untreated. They can even spread to your brain. The doctor just wrote me a prescription for an antibiotic and told me NOT to take it until a week before my […]


Ordering Snap-on Smile Online?

I have been doing everything from home since the new resurgence of COVID with this Delta variant. I order all my groceries online and do all my work and socializing through Zoom. It is actually Zoom that has helped me realize how much work my smile needs. I can’t afford to get those smile makeover […]


Can a Root Canal Infect a Salivary Gland?

My daughter has had two salivary glands which they cannot find a cause for. One of the things I am wondering about is whether or not a tooth that had a root canal treatment could be the cause. That tooth is near the salivary gland that keeps getting infected. Is it possible that the tooth […]