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Ordering Snap-on Smile Online?

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I have been doing everything from home since the new resurgence of COVID with this Delta variant. I order all my groceries online and do all my work and socializing through Zoom. It is actually Zoom that has helped me realize how much work my smile needs. I can’t afford to get those smile makeover Lumineers I keep seeing advertised, but I can do the Snap-on Smile. I looked online and so far have only found one company that does them this way, but they have a lot of bad reviews from customers who’ve said that they didn’t receive the product after they paid their money. Do you know of a reputable company for that?


Dear Lynda,

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One of the reasons you are having trouble finding a reputable online company for this is there probably is not one. This is not something you would want to do online. It’s a bit like trying to get your hair styled over the internet.

To start with, you would need a really good impression of your teeth. Doing that DIY is not your best way of doing this. It takes some training to get it done accurately. Then, there is the legal issue. DenMat, the company that makes Snap-on Smile can only legally sell them to a licensed dentist. An online company would have to lie to get the materials. Would you want to do business with a company that is willing to break the law?

For argument’s sake, let’s say you didn’t realize this was illegal and ordered from them. How would they know how much facial bulk you wanted or the right terminology to get the coloration natural looking. Then, once you get it in, it won’t just fit. You’ll need adjustments made. How will you do that?

Here is my recommendation. Dental offices take many precautions with COVID. Many list their precautions online. If they don’t, you can ask. Tell them your concerns. They can even schedule you for a time they normally have less traffic in their office. If you are going to do this, you’ll want to do it right.

Normally Snap-on Smile isn’t considered a smile makeover, but it will do nicely for making your smile look attractive over Zoom, so that is a good inexpensive choice for you.

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